With experience scraping data, creating bots, and command over the full application stack via Ruby on Rails, Javascript and ReactJS, and newcomers like ReactVR, I'm the sort that likes to jump in and learn something new quite often.

When I'm not coding I'm either enjoying some downtime with games like RocketLeague or Hearthstone. With a degree in Music Theory/Composition and a focus in Percussion, I spent a lot of time composing soundtracks, programming music, and playing drums in Progressive Metal bands.

Full Stack Web Applications Developer

Stack: Ruby/Rails/Javascript/React

Portfolio of applications written during Flatiron School’s Software Engineering Immersive 2017.


Music Composer for Film and Video Games

Music written for various media projects.

Music Composer for Orchestra and Chamber Music Ensembles

Compositions performed by Orchestra 2001, The Link Ensemble, Ann Fontanella, and Sequencer.

Progressive Metal Drummer in Brooklyn’s Oneironaught

Oneironaught is a 4-piece band based in Brooklyn, NY since June 2012. Playing primarily instrumental music, the music is comprised of rock, psychedelic, progressive, metal and classical elements.

VIDEO: Greatest Hits Playlist

ALBUM: Tiger Lounge Live Sessions - 2016

ALBUM: Enlist Today! - 2014