Flatiron School HiveMind Automation Tool

The gifted entrepreneur Steve Jobs made some controversial comments about innovation during his career. He expressed strong agreement with the following aphorism which he ascribed to the famous painter Pablo Picasso:

I would happen to agree. With a B.A. in Music Composition, I learned all about transforming any theme into something new. Doing this requires many techniques for manipulating music in a controlled manner, allowing you to achieve the exact aesthetic you hear in your mind. A score is a program that runs live humans in synchronization instead of a computer.

I spent hours in the music library poring over orchestral scores while listening to their recordings. It taught me to connect what things sound like with what things look like on the page. It also gave me the opportunity to collect a grab bag of techniques that I liked a lot and could later use in my own music.

The ultimate secret of master makers is that nobody is original. The greatest artists copy as many of their idols as they can because they absolutely love them and their resulting products often become beautiful diverse blends of others’ fresh and original ideas, neatly curated by the artist.

Every answer to a Flatiron question becomes a tool we will use to make our future programs better so why not learn ALL the answers? In the spirit of our recent reading assignment ‘Hackers and Painters’ I want to give this tool to everybody so we can better learn from each other.

When I’m stumped I fire up the Golden Hammer make a list of the 5 most cleverly diverse solutions and try to refactor them into an über answer.

I then take screenshots of my über answer and the selected 5 and put them on the back of an Anki digital flashcard (will also explain that on my blog soon). I look up the docs for, and screenshot, any syntax or terms used that I didn’t understand.

I wrote this program while I was doing my pre-work and decided to clean it up and make it easy for other people to use. I updated it with this menu stuff at the end of my first week. I credit this to the smarts of the 0217 class because I’ve been all over their answers and they have some really smart people.

My percussion instructor taught us to never practice mistakes. Always slow the metronome down until you can play it perfect or you’re just teaching yourself to play it wrong. Without our community of ideas you could be practicing the longest way to solve your problems exercise after exercise and never know it.

The real truth is it’s not stealing. It’s just a much more effective way to learn. Since it’s such a pain in the butt clicking so many links to get to the answers on GitHub, not being sure if the answer you clicked is complete, I hope this bot helps everyone learn more efficiently.

Feel free to steal this code and make your own bot! It should have automatically installed Watir the Ruby library for the testing suite Selenium as well as Chromedriver.

Ask me for help anytime, thanks guys! -Dave Mieloch

Download The Golden Hammer