Oh my, what nice packages you have.

I love packages/packages/add-ons etc... They save me so much time. I've compiled a list of my favorite atom packages to help you guys save time too.

We always joke about how coders are lazy and want to find the easiest way to do everything, but the reality is that you will likely be put in situations where your non-technical employers expect you to do the work of 5 people, or you're in a startup where you literally have to do the work of 5 people because you have such a small team.

It's at this point that it's not about being lazy, it's about survival. To me what it means to be professional at something is that you are capable of producing something high quality nearly every time and you can do it extremely fast. Using packages and keyboard shortcuts are the way to get there.

Installing Custom Atom Packages

1. To install a new package click atom in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

2. Click preferences.

3. You’ll see packages. That’s all the packages you already have installed.

4. Click on install and search for the packages I have listed here.

FYI. The Learn IDE is a fork of atom if you didn’t know. That means that any packages you install into atom will work in learn when you open it because they share configuration files.

1. atom-wrap-in-tag

When I’m building out HTML pages and I need to wrap lots of things in paragraph tags quickly or build a lot of links, typing everything manually is such a drag. I went looking for a solution and found atom-wrap-in-tag.

2. audio

For the occasion when one is building a music player and doesn’t want atom to crash the audio package will allow you to open and play audio files within atom.

3. copy-path

I need to copy paths for all different reasons. Sometimes the doc says I need to paste a relative link and others the root path. Sometimes I just need to quickly copy the file name to the clipboard. Copy path let’s you click to copy a variety of different file paths for the selected file to your clipboard.

4. indent-guide-improved

Indent-guide is a pretty heavenly package. It’s easy to lose track of opening and closing blocks if the code gets super nested. All this package does is draw faint lines between the opening and closing of blocks so you can easily see where you messed up if you did.

5. open-in-browser

This package adds the ability to open/view html pages in your browser just by right clicking on the file or running an .html file in script runner.

6. open-terminal-here

I hate typing paths. My favorite package is next, but when I’m not using script and I need to use terminal I want to go directly to the path that the file I need to use lives. No wasting time pwding or cding or dev/ing etc… This package creates another right click context menu option on every file to open in terminal right at the file’s path.

7. script

Script is the bomb. You can use script to run your local scripts instantly by typing command + i (mac). If you just want to test tiny changes quickly using script to quickly run the program saves SO much time.

8. auto-flow

This is already a base installed package, but I need to mention it. This allows you to highlight a bunch of text and then use the shortcut command + option + q to wrap the text to 80 characters long. If you need to change the length you can easily change that in the atom config file. This saves so much time keeping text looking nice while moving it around. If you’ve every tried to keep text lined up while you move it around you know this pain. Highlight + shortcuts and boom all the text is flush.